Adobe Dreamweaver CC New Stunning Features

Adobe Dreamweaver CC New Stunning Features

Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud is the No.1 development software for websites. It has gone tremendous improvements from a static web development tool to a database driven dynamic software. Every web developer is hence very curious to know what new tools this Adobe Dreamweaver CC has in store. From Adobe’s side Dreamweaver is the largest recipient of newest features.

Some powerful new additions that Adobe Dreamweaver CC has got with it are-

Fluid Grid Layout

Designers can now choose a dynamic web layout depending on their preference of mobile, tablet or laptop. Customizing the grid structure and width of the page is now possible. This feature ensures the best view outcome based on the device used to watch the page, be it a notebook, smartphone, tablet or a laptop.

The CSS Designer Tool

This is undoubtedly the best update of this version. The CSS Designer tool enables developers to create a visually appealing console to manage the properties. With just a single click of the mouse- box shadows, gradients etc could be added. As it supports the CSS code for majority of the browsers, your design would definitely look similar to viewers across different mediums.

Fonts Library

Users now have access to a huge inbuilt library of free fonts. You could now make your pages more appealing and fresh with these new incredible font styles and vivid typography. This feature available in Manage Fonts dialog box gives you the designing freedom to create beautiful looking pages with stylish fonts.

Your Settings Could now Be Synced

This novel sync setting feature enables you to save your chosen preferences in more than one device that you use, so that you could access to your customised Dreamweaver anytime, anywhere. All your files, settings and site definitions are now stored on the Cloud hence giving you unconstrained access anywhere, anytime.

jQuery User Interface Widgets

No more boring icons and generic buttons. With jQuery UI widgets you could simply drag and drop from the Insert Panel.

Streamlined HTML5 audio and video

You could now easily add HTML5 video/audio to your applications and websites. The interface is cleaner and faster with addition code hints, hence the process is more efficient.

PhoneGap Build support

You could now easily build apps for Android™ and iOS with the support from Adobe PhoneGap™ Build™ service available in Dreamweaver. Existing HTML pages could easily be converted to mobile apps.

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With Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud you could boost your efficiency and allow your creativity to run free, be it creating web pages for mobiles, laptops or notebooks. These latest added tools enable a boost in your efficiency with the one click adjustments which are simple yet very powerful to create a wonderful output. Getting an Adobe Dreamweaver certification would greatly enhance your carrier prospects and PrepNerds can help you by providing the complete key to improve your knowledge on Adobe Dreamweaver certification exams on


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