Add Personality to Apple’s New iPhone 6s Plus

Add Personality to Apple’s New iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus is a powerful smartphone full of technological surprises. It has the best in processing power, operating systems, camera capturing capabilities, and display. What it doesn’t have is a particularly inspired design. Save for the little ‘s’ on the back, you wouldn’t be able to tell they changed anything from the last Plus. If you want something more unique for the pride of your pocket, invest in a whole line of iPhone 6sPlus skins.

Other than being a juggernaut of a phone, outweighing and out-measuring its Apple brethren, the iPhone 6s Plus looks like any other iPhone. It has the same design vocabulary of any of the Apple smartphones, and regardless of what Apple thinks the addition of rose gold as a colour option doesn’t do much to mix up the status quo. With only four colour options available, chances are your 6s Plus is the same as millions of others.

Add Personality to Apple New iPhone 6s PlusSo for the fashion forward who want a phone as distinctive as their own personality, a skin for the iPhone 6s Plus is ingenious. It’s a simple addition that can change a lot about your phone. Adhering to your phone like a sticker, it’s applied to pretty much everywhere but the touch sensitive screen. And just like a sticker, it comes in a variety of colour combinations, textures, and styles. A zebra wood skin would match those with a hipster chic vibe, while a white leather skin would be great for those modsters out there.

Style, though important, isn’t everything. You should only choose a skin that can be removed without leaving behind gluey residue, so you can remove it with ease in order to make way for a new look. After all, you change your clothes to fit your mood and destination. Why shouldn’t you be able to do that with your skin? To ensure your skin for the iPhone 6s Plus is up to the job, you should check out the skin providers who can guarantee quality and fit. Precision cut 3M vinyl is a feature that needs to be listed on any product detail. dbrand is one provider that guarantees exact 3M vinyl skins for all devices, so stop by their website to compare their prices, specs, and styles with other providers.

Once you’ve found the skin that fits your budget, fashion sense, and – most importantly – your iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll be delighted to see the transformation your iPhone undergoes. No longer just another iPhone, your skin will prove to the world that your phone – just like everything you own and do – is stylishly unique.


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