A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own QR Code

A Step By Step Guide To Creating Your Own QR Code

The Quick Response or the QR codes are those little black and white squiggly bar codes that you can usually see on the product’s packaging and other items in the shopping mall. Usually, these bar codes are of different colors and shapes and you will often find them on billboards, signages, and even in commercials.

Japan was the first to design a QR code, and it was for their automotive industry. The marketers then adopted bar codes because of its large storage capacity, so as the ability to translate any additional information to consumers beyond what a creative packaging could convey. Whenever a consumer sees a QR Code somewhere, they could surely take out their mobile device, open the QR Code scanner and scan the barcode in order to gain access to further information.

On the other hand, if you are thinking about promoting something on an advertisement, creating a QR code that sends scanners to your own website will be a good thing. So, what’s the simplest way to create your own QR Code? Here are  the tips:

  1. Choose your QR Code Generator– there’s hundreds of thousands of QR Code Generators online, but you should find which one would work best for your needs. Make sure that the Generator can let you track and analyze performance. If it lets you design a code that is unique to your brand, they can be a good one. Moreover, they should be compatible with the standard QR code readers.
  2. Design and link- this is actually the fun part. You can customize the design of your code according to the brand or service that you offer. You have the freedom to create your own design here, but make sure that it reflects the kind of business that you have. Most of the QR code generators you can find can actually guide you through designing and creating links. They are pretty straightforward than an average person can easily understand.
  3. Test your code- so, you’ve found your generator, you designed and linked it to your website. Testing if it really works is the next thing that you have to do. You should know if the QR codes read correctly and try more than just one reader. There are many software and apps you can use for free so take advantage of them. This will let you see if the code you created really does work.
  4. Performance tracking and analyzation- creating your own QR code doesn’t end up in testing and proving that it worked. Just like other marketing campaign, you need to track any sort of campaigns using QR codes in order for you to see that they work. You also need to track down the traffic coming from certain codes and to see if people scan your code and redeem their offer once they get to the website.

If you want to grow your market, a good and unique QR code can easily represent you. So, take the guide above start creating your own codes for your products.


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