3 Main Flash Drive Types And 5 Top Manufacturers Of The Same

3 Main Flash Drive Types And 5 Top Manufacturers Of The Same

A flash drive is a simple data storage device that works by reading and writing data on flash memory. These come with varying capacities (ranging from 1GB to 1TB or more) and different writing speeds. The most commonly available flash drives run on 2.0 to 3.0 speeds.

Listed below are the 3 main types of flash drives in the market today.

1. Secure Digital Card (SDHC Or SD Cards).

These are the most common memory cards used in portable devices such as digital cameras, game consoles and mobile phones among many others. Data capacity and speeds vary from one SD to the other, though their use is almost the same. SD cards come in varying sizes, with mini SD cards requiring passive adapters to use on various devices.

2. Memory sticks

A memory stick looks and works in an almost same way as SD cards. Manufactured by Sony, memory sticks are commonly used in camcorders and still digital cameras. Their capacity ranges from 128Mbs to 2Terabytes. You however need a memory card reader to transfer data to personal computers or any other devices.

3. USB flash drives

A USB flash drive uses a combination of flash memory and Universal Serial Bus interface to function. USB flash drives are commonly used for storing data files, and transferring files from one computer to another. USB flash drives are considerably much faster and last a lot longer than any of the above-mentioned flash drives. “Flash drives are however, prone to failure so it’s always best to back up your drive regularly”, says SERT Data Recovery engineer John R. who specializes in flash drive data recovery

Top 5 Flash Drive Manufacturers

Although many flash drive manufacturers may have cropped up, only a handful of them, manufacture and design high quality drives. Discussed below are 5 of the best flash drive manufacturers in the markets today (listed in no specific order).

1. Kingston Data Traveler

This manufacturer majors solely on flash drives for data storage and some bit of encryption. These manufacturers understand what it takes to have a high quality and reliable flash drive. Most of their flash drives have a data encryption software that provides data security should you lose the flash drive.

2. SanDisk

SanDisk is one of the most popular flash drive manufacturer today. The reason why, is because SanDisk has ventured in manufacturing high speed drives with enhanced data encryption. It is estimated that 3 in every 4 people use a SanDisk flash drive.

3. Adata

Adata flash drives have also adopted 3.0 data speed transfer capacity. They are among the first flash drive manufacturers to produce flash drives with a pure metallic casing. Adata flash drives are commonly used for data storage, backup and data transfer.

4. Sony Cooperation

Sony is the only company that produces its own flash drives. Most Sony devices (smartphones, tablets and digital cameras) use memory sticks. It was only until recently that Sony ventured in producing SD cards to satisfy the market.

5. Samsung

Samsung is also an ambient producer and manufacture of high-end flash drives. Samsung however ventures in producing memory cards and secure data cards for smartphones and still digital cameras. Samsung has its headquarters based in South Korea, and produces most of the SD cards used in its smart devices.

Whatever your data needs are, these companies have the solution for portable data storage and transfer.


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